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date title series
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11-26-2017 The Library Part Nine - The Letters The Good Book Alf Nelson
11-05-2017 The Library Part Four - The Gospels The Good Book Alf Nelson
10-01-2017 The Library Part Two - The Law The Good Book Alf Nelson
09-24-2017 The Library Part One - OT Narratives The Good Book Doug Daspit
09-17-2017 The Reliable Book The Good Book Lawrence Sisung
07-09-2017 Religious but not Spiritual Life Out Loud Doug Daspit
07-02-2017 Wounded Leadership Life Out Loud Doug Daspit
06-25-2017 When Nothing is Everything Life out Loud Alf Nelson
06-18-2017 Pedaling Downhill Life out Loud Doug Daspit
06-11-2017 The Confession and the Cross Life out Loud Lawrence Sisung
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