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01-31-2016 When I Grow Up - Family Service Love Illuminated Lawrence Sisung
01-26-2016 Discerning Deceivers Love Illuminated Alf Nelson
01-17-2016 Do You Know? Love Illuminated Lawrence Sisung
01-10-2016 Enlightened Love Illuminated Alf Nelson
01-03-2016 Fellowship Handled and Handed Love Illuminated Doug Daspit
12-27-2015 Time with the King Wish List Lawrence Sisung
12-20-2015 Supplication Wish List Alf Nelson
12-13-2015 Thanksgiving Wish List Doug Daspit
12-06-2015 Confession Wish List Lawrence Sisung
11-29-2015 Adoration Wish List Alf Nelson
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